Mr B had just purchased a two bed bungalow in Heathfield & called us round to discuss options for his Heating System. Upon arrival at the property we went through his current Heating System which was an old back boiler with a gas fire in his living room. This supplied heat to all of his radiators and heated the hot water cylinder through gravity. We discussed a couple of options that would fit his requirements.

The customer decided to proceed with having a new heat-only boiler fitted in the kitchen with the flue to be terminated through the kitchen wall to outside and to have a replacement hot water cylinder with new heating controls in Heathfield.

Previous to fitting this boiler we completed a power flush which consists of connecting our Adey Magnacleanse,  Combimag Dual Digital & Fernox Powerflow mk2 machine to the Heating System and pumping cleaning chemicals round the System to clean the radiators and pipework.

Bathroom will be completed later in the year at this Heathfield Bungalow.





Heathfield Heating

14th January 2015


Heathfield. Mr B